Diet Based on Counting Calories

A diet based on counting calories is called a diet only nominally. To achieve your goals, be it weight gain or fat burning, you need to know what quantities you consume and in what quantities. Most nutritionists believe that this calorie, fat, protein and carbohydrate counting diet is the most effective and harmless to the body. How […]

How nuts will improve your health

Increasingly, people are thinking about healthy nutrition, since the quality of food depends on the length of their lives. No, we do not agitate for the transition to vegetarianism or even to raw foods. You know how we love meat and how many articles have been written on its preparation. But today we want to talk about nuts. This […]

Low Carb Diets: Pros and Cons

Many people reduce the amount of carbohydrates in their diet to lose weight. Low-carb diets help people quickly lose weight, switch to healthy protein and healthy fats. For the first time such a diet was invented 20 years ago by Dr. Robert Atkins, but its popularity increased only in recent years. This diet has its advantages, but there […]

4 Ways to Lose Weight Without ‘Dieting’

No matter how much pleasure food delivers, sometimes food euphoria ends with weight in the stomach and a trip to the “throne room”. And that’s not all: the more you open your mouth to swallow, the wider your waist becomes. In fact, we enjoy the process of bringing trash to the bottomless bottom. As a result, the waist […]

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6 Best Books for Career and Life

Successful people read a lot. No matter how many examples confirming the opposite, matured in your head, this truth remains solid. People who are on top of their activities, as a rule, are constantly improving themselves. In addition, as some studies have shown, people who read books live longer. Therefore, if you want to live long and be successful, […]