23 Steps to Help get Rid of Bad Habits

Habit is something that forms part of our personality. There are good habits that make you healthier, smarter and stronger. And there are those who only destroy the body and mind, and some can break life. Smoking, junk food, a waste of life on games and the Internet, alcohol – all this makes you hostage to your body and slave habits. If you are a person who wants to control his life himself, then it is necessary to fight this, and we have found several ways. Consider four phases that will help you gain control of yourself.

Stage 1

First of all, it will be necessary to prepare for changing habits. Most likely, you tried to stop yourself to harmful habits before, but it was all in vain, as there was no plan of action. This time everything will be different, because you will have a great strategy.

1.Concentrate on one bad habit.

Your will power, no matter how great, has a limited amount of energy for each day, and when it is exhausted, it becomes harder to control a negative impulse and desire. If day after day you wage a battle with smoking and junk food, then sooner or later there will be a breakdown, in view of which you will return to the old way of life.

Anyway, such dependencies require an individual approach, so do not overestimate the forces.

2.Set a 30-day deadline to achieve the goal.

You must create the most stringent conditions in order to get rid of a bad habit. Therefore, tight deadlines for which it will be necessary to get rid of pernicious addictions is a necessary thing. 30 days is exactly the time that is ideal for such a purpose. Within a month, really build your ideal schedule, following which you will be able to systematically eradicate the habit.

But if 30 days is not enough, then there is nothing to worry about. Increase the period to 60 or 90 days, but you should not overstretch too much, because it is about your health.

3.Choose the date of giving up the habit

You will need a start, so you need to set a date for the start of your crusade against an unhealthy lifestyle. It will be a kind of moment from which life will change dramatically. Date will give an understanding of the goal, reaching which you will change your life for the better.

4.Define the tasks correctly

“I want to eat only healthy food,” is not a goal, but rather a desire. The goal should contain specific wording that will not leave room for maneuvers and an extra burger.

It is better to set goals step by step and act as follows: today I will give up fast food, but leave the place is not quite healthy food at home. Tomorrow, I exclude all junk food from my diet and switch to a proper and balanced diet. And exactly in a week – when the body adapts – I will go to the gym.

5.Avoid extremes

Firstly, it can negatively affect your health, but the emotional and mental side is the most dangerous. Suppose you swallowed to eat sweets for a week, and one day it broke, which could happen to everyone, and ate a couple of sweets. But you are so tuned in that you will not allow yourself to eat a gram of sugar, that these two candies mean a complete breakdown. Therefore, what’s the point to restrain himself, once he fizzled out? Don’t fall for this trick of your perception: keep up the fight.

6.Keep statistics

  • The best way to track changes is to conduct daily observations. The first step will be to establish your norm, starting from which you will reduce daily contact with the “irritant”. 
  • The number of cigarettes smoked per day; 
  • Weight, how many calories consumed daily; 
  • How much alcohol is consumed daily; 
  • How much time is spent on the Internet every day and so on. 
  • Having the initial indicators, you can build a plan of battle with yourself and get this guide to action.

7.Create additional goals

Such mini-quests will help you to cope with your tasks much easier, besides this is a great way to track changes and progress.

Suppose you smoke 20 cigarettes a day. Make a schedule with which you will systematically stop smoking. First, you will start smoking 15 cigarettes in one week. Then, within two to three weeks, you will reduce the amount to 10 cigarettes per day. Over the next 3 weeks, the number of cigarettes will decrease to 5. In another two weeks, to 3.

The timing and number of cigarettes you will be individual and most likely possible failures, but this is not a reason to abandon the great goal, so do not even think.

Stage 2. Replacing Habits

At this stage, you need to give yourself some kind of motivation, through which a negative habit will be replaced by a positive, rewarding one.

8.Determine what is pushing you to sin

Every bad habit has its own trigger. Some stress makes you smoke, someone makes it after sex. Identify the trigger that activates your destructive desires, and after that you will gain greater control over your body.

9.Fix it

The knowledge of what pushes you to smoke or drink will allow you to curb your desires and work on yourself with better quality. Fix everything, even the smallest details. This technique will give an understanding of the very cause, the consequence of which is dependence.

Imagine that someone is trying to quit with alcohol, but during a football match there is a desire to drink beer with friends.

Pay attention to the time, then to the mood: it is good, what did you do: watched the match, with whom: a couple of best friends. Analyzing this data, one can come to the conclusion that the desire to drink is interpreted as an attempt to relieve stress and the opportunity to feel relaxed. This does not mean that you should stop communicating with friends, but in this way you will be able to find out the reason for what prompts you to drink alcohol.

10.Encourage yourself

Interestingly, bad habits are in some way associated with the desire to get some kind of reward. I smoked – relaxed, played – cheered up. This mechanism will cheat and replace one habit with another, but not harmful.

Eat candy every time you want to smoke, or dedicate an evening to sports instead of going to a bar. Such replacements and promotions will eventually push out the habit and replace it with another.

11.Compensation can be replaced

If you feel that the candy does not completely replace the desired cigarette, then reconsider your promotion options. As a result, you must find a way that will allow you to maximize the desire to smoke.

12.Create a concrete habit control plan

You already know what prompts you to smoke or drink. 
Consider a problem with alcoholism. Once again, after a tense match, you decided that you need to calm your nerves, and at this moment you catch yourself thinking that you want to drink now. Prefer alcohol walk or other occupation, which will be useful and calm nerves. If friends call to the bar, then redirect this situation to a new direction: go bowling. You can paint your day every minute so that there is not a second left for alcohol.

13.Always remind yourself of the plan.

Wherever you are, do not forget about the plan. If a day you smoke no more than 10 cigarettes, then do not forget about it; if you are on a diet, forget about the donuts. You have a goal that you will remember, even if they wake you up at night.

Stage 3

At this stage, it is necessary to find people who will help get rid of the addiction and will be a kind of controlling and encouraging mechanism.

14.Keep a reporting journal

It is necessary to indicate all the changes that you have undergone both physically and psychologically. By tracking such dynamics, in the future it will be possible to identify weaknesses in the fight against the habit and focus on them.

15.Declare your intentions publicly

And there will be no turning back. After all, everyone heard that by the end of this year you will refuse cigarettes. Put tough conditions that will not allow to break, so that the motivation has increased even more.

16.Find a friend in misfortune

Fighting is always easier together. Find a like-minded person who also wants to lose weight. Together you will be much easier to train and eat right. In addition, no one ruled out friendly rivalry.

17.Skeptics are nothing

Ignore these useless people who claim to quit smoking is unrealistic, or discourage them from doing so. As you know, weak-willed people want to pull as many people as possible to the bottom, because even they do not like loneliness.

18.Avoid irritants

If you just adore Dumplings and you know that this is the only product that can be broken, then avoid it. Forget about Dumplings and semi-finished products, from now on they are your main enemy.

19.Seek help from professionals.

Anyway, but good advice from the doctor has not hurt anyone. Contact a specialist to help get rid of addiction. Medication and proper diet will be a great help, which will only strengthen the resolve.

Stage 4

Here you will deal the final blow to your addiction and defeat it.

20.Start a healthy lifestyle

Add healthy sports to healthy eating. You will not only strengthen your body, but you will not want to poison it with poisons contained in alcohol or cigarettes. In addition, the sport will take you a lot of time and effort, so that the desire to go to the bar disappears by itself.

21.Do not let relax

This time no concessions. If you quit smoking, even one cigarette can make all efforts in vain. A cup of beer on Friday after work will have a similar effect, so remember that you are flint, steel, a fighter who does not succumb to such temptations.

22.Great reward

Did you quit drinking? It is an overcoming that is worthy of respect. So, go with your family on vacation to the nearest town, buy the drum kit you dreamed about, or treat yourself to a wonderful gala dinner. And no vino, even with fish.

23.Do not stop reminding yourself what the struggle was for

Sooner or later he will pull a cigarette or drink too much. Remind yourself that family, health and social status that you can lose forever because of your weakness are at stake

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