6 Best Books for Career and Life

Successful people read a lot. No matter how many examples confirming the opposite, matured in your head, this truth remains solid. People who are on top of their activities, as a rule, are constantly improving themselves. In addition, as some studies have shown, people who read books live longer. Therefore, if you want to live long and be successful, pay attention to this list of books.

1. “Reflections”, Marcus Aurelius

If you’ve been looking for fiction about leadership, wisdom, morality or humility, then the “Reflections” by Marcus Aurelius are what you need. This work of the famous Roman emperor and thinker is a kind of research on how to remain true to yourself and not be adversely affected by external factors. This book is able to explain what it means to be a good leader not only at work, but also in life.

2. “The seller of shoes”, Phil Knight

“Cowards never start, and the weak die halfway,” said co-founder and CEO of Senreve, Coral Chung, briefly described the main idea of ​​this book. Shoe Sales is the autobiography of Phil Knight, founder of the famous Nike sportswear brand, which can be a real inspiration for each of us. Knight faced a huge amount of difficulties all the way to creating his empire. His determination and perseverance allowed the prospect to be seen where others did not see it. Describing his life, Knight teaches the reader to look in the face of difficulties and without fear and doubt look for ways to overcome them. In the end, this book is about how victory in consciousness determines victory in a career and in all other areas of life.

3. “High-performance management. Ledger Headbook, Andy Grove

People who run their own business, first of all, think about how to automate work and focus on obtaining high profits. But, in addition to this, understanding of the principles of managing people remains no less important, especially as business develops. “High-performance management” by Andy Grove shows what talented leadership is and what principles underlie progressive management. This book will be very useful for those who are going to build a successful and productive team.

4. “I want to … make a breakthrough! The surprisingly simple law of phenomenal success “, Jay Papazan, Gary Keller

This book is a detailed answer to one of the main questions of life: how to relate to life easier, separating its important components from the secondary ones? The lifestyle of many modern people is to have several projects in parallel, to develop many ideas and to spend their energy to the maximum. And the most interesting thing about all this is that such a lifestyle seems to be correct. But it is not so. Great focus can lead to positive fruits, but equally insignificant, whereas for real success it is important to correctly prioritize. The main benefit of this book is expressed by the idea of ​​paying attention to the most significant cases, which, as a rule, do not happen too much. Then you can achieve better results in what really matters

5. The Martian, Andy Weir

This scientific thriller, widely known after the same film adaptation of Ridley Scott, is a great story about resourcefulness and perseverance that inspires and teaches you to never give up. It is important to note that The Martian is Andy Weyr’s debut novel and was originally published only in electronic form with a low sale price. Therefore, its further release in the print version only confirms the huge response that this book received in the hearts of people from all over the world.

6. “The Secret of a Millionaire”, Mark Fisher

Anyone who wants to start their own business or have already started will find a lot of useful information in this book. It is important to note that everything written in the “Secret of the Millionaire” is based on the practical experience of the author himself or is collected from interviews of other entrepreneurs. Therefore, the effectiveness of the methods indicated in the book is proved, so to speak, by empirical means. Mark Fisher reminds us that we should not be afraid to ask about things that are unknown to us, and not to give up things that went wrong as originally planned.

“I often refer to this book when I need to recharge. The most valuable lesson I learned from it is that, helping other people achieve their dreams, thanks to strong public relations, it will be easier to eventually achieve their own. ” Len Mendelsohn, vice president of Market Technologies.

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