7 Everyday Things That Could Be Killing Your intelligence

Any fool can be stupid, and you try to be smart. What, complicated? This is all because your daily habits go against a normal lifestyle. So no “Glycine” and electric shocks will help you to wise up, here you have to change your life.

It is probably worth reminding all those who are ignorant in abstruse medical terminologies about what the word “cognitive” means in the context of our conversation. So, cognitive activity is the ability to perform such brain functions as attention, memory, language, visual-spatial perception, and executive functions. I hope you understand that we are writing this for ease of reading and your enlightenment, and not because we are too lazy to write a lot of words every time.

Saturated fats reduce cognitive flexibility

According to recent brainstorming studies, a diet consisting of sugar and fat causes significant damage to cognitive flexibility. And with a curve and a battered cognitive activity, it’s much more difficult for us to adapt and adapt to changing situations.

The study, of course, was conducted on laboratory mice. Not in the same people poking around. Rodents were divided into two groups, one of which was fed so good food that, for reasons of conscience, they, in gratitude for the delicious grubs, wanted to suffer for science. The second was fed even better – fats and sugars. After four weeks, the mental and physical performance of the second group began to plummet. So eat more modest and more correct.

Smaller gadgets – a healthier brain

The simultaneous use of laptops, phones and other multimedia devices is very detrimental to the brain. It was not we who decided this, but neuroscientists discovered that people using several devices at the same time have a lower density of gray matter responsible for cognitive and emotional control.

By the way, do not think that it is enough to turn off the phone and put it off while working with a laptop. When you talk on the phone, and the background is playing music or working television; listening to music, playing on the console; or you read a book under the glowing blather of one of the devices, the brain invariably suffers.

Googling, we are not getting smarter

An ordinary Internet search makes people feel smarter than they really are. Moreover, such sensations give the process itself and any new trifle like the date of birth of Trotsky, but you either did not find the information or did not find it – this is not so important, because the brain is already tired.

All this happens because people, learning alone, often perceive or interpret them incorrectly. When there is so much information, and to get it you need, without getting up from the couch, to make several movements with your hands, then knowledge begins to be especially confused among themselves.

An excess of blood sugar affects memory

People with high blood sugar are more likely to have memory problems. These data were published in a recent issue of the journal Neurology.

One of the authors of the study, Dr. Agnes Flol, said: “Even those people who are normal with sugar levels should be more attentive to its content. We are aging, and lowering blood sugar levels can be a promising strategy to prevent memory problems and cognitive impairment. ”

Experts know less than they think.

The more people claim that they are, as they say, “fumble in the subject,” the higher the likelihood that their facts are far from the truth and can be simply made-up. Psychologists explain this by saying that knowledge largely depends on what the person thinks about them. If it seems to him that he knows about the subject to hell and more – it does not mean that he is smart, most likely, he just seems that way.

No sleep we’re dumb

Global warming negated the mammoths, and the lack of sleep also methodically and gradually destroys your brain. In sleepy brains there are obvious problems with both short-term and long-term memory. In addition, there are obvious problems with attention and, which is especially scary, recognition of the emotions of other people. Even habits, honed over the years, and they are not respected.

American Randy Gardner is the record for the longest time spent without sleep. His record is 264.4 hours.

Strain deprives you of arms and legs

The bad news is that the physical and mental stress that we all periodically experience when interacting has the same destructive effect on the brain as nuclear bomb explosions on a couple of Japanese towns in 1945.

Brain resources in the prefrontal cortex — the area used for planning and management — are separated during physical and mental activity, as the study showed. Speaking in human terms, you gradually lose control of your body. You probably have such things when you touch some things without noticing it, or you are looking for a remote control, although you hold it in your hand. This is only one of the signs, seemingly innocuous, but with chronic fatigue, you can completely lose control over your body.

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