8 Things Making You Look Older

8 Things which Make You Look Older than your age.You need to avoid these thinks to look younger. One of the worst things you can do to abuse your body is unhealthy eating habit.

1. Stress

You cannot avoid emotional turmoil, but you can try to curb your habit of worrying about everything at once. Excitement makes you not only morally and mentally exhausted, but also prematurely ages your body.

The constant release of cortisol, nor epinephrine and adrenaline literally erases us, lowering the immune system, raising blood pressure, affecting sleep, memory and mood.

Try to put all your worries and anxieties in perspective, as if looking at the big picture. Bay for mental fatigue physical fatigue. The gym is first aid for an impending depression.

2. Ultraviolet

Perhaps, in the season of hot holidays, roasting your body in the sun, you remember to use sunscreen. But the fact that in the hot season, just crossing the threshold of the house, to smear the open parts of the body with the “non-stick” means, you never heard. Meanwhile, people over thirty, who use cream daily, just walking with a dog or going to work, have a more presentable and well-groomed skin. And if you think that all this is a woman’s thing, we’ll talk when your skin looks like a baked apple in five years.

3. Sugar

We all know very well that sweets and various tasty cookies give a powerful load on the neck, because such fat cheeks can not stand even one shoulder. But in the meantime, experts say that sweet things make us old. Sugar starts the process of glycation when the “bonding” of collagen or elastic fibers to glucose occurs. Glued fibers lose their ability to perform their functions, retain water worse and become deformed, over time they become harder and break down – the skin becomes dry and sluggish, wrinkles, bags and puffiness appear under the eyes. You become like a full-grown proletitsu already in incomplete 35 years.
Let’s face it, it is quite difficult to completely eliminate sugar from your diet, but it is within your power to try to minimize its consumption.

4. Laziness

And here we again tirelessly repeat the benefits of exercise. They keep your body in shape, reduce weight, build muscle and turn your body clock backwards. For those who regularly sweat in the hall, there is a slowdown in cellular changes associated with aging. So you will not start to run in youth – you run in old age. In hospitals, or worse, beauticians.

5. Anger

Anger, jealousy, or anger cause spasms of blood vessels, worsen circulation, increase blood sugar levels, which leads to wrinkles and weight gain. And so, you do not have time to look back, as you are no longer a cynical and pathetic misanthrope, but a wrinkled horseradish in the bloom of youth.

If you cannot forgive offenses, try to let them go. Your happy and blooming look will be the best form of revenge.

6. You are too busy for your friends.

At the dawn of his barefoot youth, for sure, your friends occupied a priority place in drawing up plans for the day. But every year more and more responsibility falls on you, work, household duties or family troubles. But a faithful friend will help you get out of depression, cope with emotional shock or stress, thereby reducing the risk of many chronic diseases that we all prematurely age. Highlight at least one day a week to chat with friends not in social networks and on e-mail, but live, behind a glass of something pleasant and refreshing.

7. Television

Australian scientists from the University of Queensland have calculated how the love of television affects life expectancy.

The specialists used earlier information about the relationship between TV views and the probability of death, data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics for 2008 and the results of a national study of the Australian Diabetes, Obesity and Lifestyle Study, started in 1999–2000 (more than 11 thousand participants over 25).

Based on all this information, the authors compiled a table of risks for Australians of the 2008 sample. It turned out that people aged 25 years and older spent 9.8 billion hours on a sofa in front of a “blue screen”. This reduced the life expectancy at birth for men by 1.8 years, and for women by 1.5 years. On average, life expectancy is reduced by 22 minutes for each hour of contemplation of the television screen. If a person spends about 6 hours a day watching TV, then in his entire life he will deprive himself of almost 5 years.

The solution to the problem is obvious, but if it’s too radical for you, then watch TV while you train on a treadmill or prepare yourself a healthy dinner.

8. Lack of sex

Scientists from Hamburg, having conducted a large study, proved that sex helps to improve brain function, heart, reduces the likelihood of heart attacks and strokes in half, reduces the risk of diabetes, cancer, tones the pancreas, improves metabolism and even helps to slow down aging. Regular sex is considered to be practicing them 3 times a week or more. Therefore fuck like a rabbit, to your health, and not pain.

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