Everything you need to know about Itching

There is nothing more disgusting and discouraging than the itch. Especially discouraging itching out of place, at the very wrong moment. For example, on the street or in the presence of people. Therefore, we will try to figure out why this is happening, what is the reason, what to do. We will not affect the disease. If itching is regular, causing discomfort and even pain; if skin irritation, red spots or blisters appear; if itching is accompanied by other symptoms, then there is nothing to do here. Run to the doctor and get well! But in other cases it is worthless to itch.

A brief description of

Itching is a special sensation that arises due to irritation of nerve endings that do not give the feeling of full pain – only an unpleasant sensation. As a result, I want to scratch myself that there are forces, because there is no feeling more pleasant than to scrape my fingers through the mortal skin.

Generally itching very well. Very good. You could even say extremely. The University of Belgrade even conducted a study to identify the effect of carding on the body. The brave Serbian scientists have found out experimentally that during the scratching, the activity of those areas responsible for negative emotions and memories decreases in the brain. It turns out, when we itch, we get rid of bad impressions – so this simple action brings us such a feeling of relief. And people who are combing themselves up to the scab can be understood. It turns out that the more the subjects were itching, the weaker the brain reproduced the discomfort. Thus, scientists have received the first in the history of scientific rationale to how scratching reduces itching and makes life bright and beautiful.

Of course, itching is bad. With your claws you damage the skin. Why is this allowed? Because scratching not only weakens, but also activates some parts of the brain. In particular, those that are responsible for pain. And, oddly enough, for the aggressive behavior of a person. So you want to be kinder – more scales. Only for this reason, having begun to itch, a person cannot stop and sometimes combs the skin to the blood. Mental disorders have nothing to do with it.


Egg itching knocks out of the rut no less than the chips under the nails or hysteria of your girlfriend. But at least you can scratch the eggs – this is a clear advantage of egg itch over relationships. Sometimes we scratch eggs just like that because … because why not? And sometimes – because they itch.

We will not concern hygiene and venereal diseases, because here everything is very clear: go to the doctor, this is not a joke. However, it is scratched by everyone, even by those who do not need to go to the venereologist. This is how it happens. If the testicles are warm, the scrotum spreads the folds to increase the heat transfer area. Ideally, at this point, the blood begins to circulate in a large circle, the temperature of the testicles quickly returns to normal. But this is the ideal. But in fact, the folds pressed by the linen are not revealed, and the blood stagnates. Consequently, microthrombi are formed, which need to be kneaded, massaged and scratched. So, kneading and scratching, you actually save yourself from stagnation.

Although, the most common reason is to shave an intimate place, after which the upper layer of the skin is damaged and small hairs can remain, which can cause itching. Therefore, when you first shave your muda, you walk as if you have a huge ball between your legs.

Often, eggs can itch because of wearing uncomfortable underwear, namely close swimming trunks, pants and jeans. From close contact of the scrotum with the perineum, excessive sweating occurs, resulting in unpleasant itching. Therefore, wearing synthetic underwear is a choice of people who do not respect themselves. It is fraught with allergies.

Speaking of allergens. Here are the most common ones:
– Nickel or nickel alloy;
– Hard soap and flavored detergents, including some laundry detergents;
– Strong perfume or fragrances;
– Varnish, paint and wax;
– Creams or medicines that irritate the skin.

What else makes itch?

Itching is a new thing. And profiting from the fact that everything is in our ass. In our country it is on the planet, not in the country. For example, the quality of water from the tap leaves much to be desired: because of the stiffness, it dries the entire body, and it itches from this.

Stressful situations and neurological disorders are a common cause for carding. And how not to be nervous when around it?

Old razor blades irritate the skin. In an amicable way, they should be changed once a week, but you can’t save enough, they cost so much that it’s easier to let go of the beard.

Allergy to cold. And what to do, if 5-6 months a year a tooth does not fall on a tooth?

But the main reason – the failure of basic rules of personal hygiene. At least once a day to wash, change clothes – a rule that must be followed in order to itch less often.

Itch Etiquette

What to do if all the same itching? Of course, no need to put your hand and scratch your dignity. This is an extremely disgusting and disgusting sight. You do not need to remove the shoe and in the middle of the street, standing on one leg, pick one foot. The best way is to move to a secluded place (even better to the toilet) and scratch. The laws of the human hostel do not allow picking their nose in front of people. Even to dig in my head is not accepted.

The only thing that allows etiquette – scratching open areas of the body, that is to say the hands and face. But this should be done carefully, turning away, trying not to attract attention. Try to do it with no sweeping movements of a caveman collecting lice from himself. Three fingers, not palm and, for God’s sake, avoid sweeping movements.

If it itches badly and you don’t have any urine, hold yourself on the earlobe or the point between the thumb and forefinger – this will help to distract. If the damned foot is itching, then remember: hitting the asphalt with your foot in the shoe will alleviate the itch for a while. The main thing is not to do it loudly.

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