Health & Fitness Guide 2019 – Tips for Healthy Lifestyle

We constantly give you tips on how to lose weight, eat right, keep motivated and behave in the gym. Today we will talk about … well-being. How not to feel like a wreck after sport and not to become lame and hunchbacked. Take care of your body and it will take care of you.

1. Dynamic stretching

Dynamic stretching is performed in motion and is essentially similar to normal charging. It received the name “dynamic” because during the exercise the joints are in constant motion.

The first exercise: stretch your arms in front of you (for loyalty you can take the ball in them), legs slightly wider than shoulders, knees slightly bent. Rotate the case to the right, and with it the left foot. We return to the starting position and turn in the other direction.

The second exercise: from the same position (legs slightly bent and placed slightly wider than shoulders, in the hands of the ball) we begin to lift the ball above the head. You lower – you lift and straighten – and then you lower the ball and slightly bend your legs.

2. Eat more to lose weight

Yes, it happens. You can lose weight, even if you eat three throats. Obviously, the trick here is what you eat: you need to be as close as possible to nature. Reduce the amount of simple carbohydrates, trans fats and processed foods in your diet – and you can eat as much as you want. Good and quality products will feed your muscles and serve as an excellent source of energy. To help yourself, you can even make a food diary and paint all the food consumed in it.

3. Do exercises at work to make the brain work better.

You can be a pioneer and offer meetings on the go, or at least from time to time to do exercises next to your desk. The more you move during the day, the higher your efficiency and energy level. The fact is that exercise improves blood circulation, it is easier to enter the brain and helps you solve problems and make decisions.

4. Control yourself – and you will be motivated

You must not lose control. The feeling of control over your program is an excellent source of motivation for training. Becoming a regular practitioner is very important: habit is second nature. At least ten minutes a day – but every day.

If you know that you have not left the course for so many days, you want to go further. When you look back at a productive week, it stirs up your ego and feeds your desire to continue to be good.

5. Once again: stretching is important

What matters is not only the presence of stretch marks in your workouts, but also her character. Traditional, static, stretching does not in any way affect the subsequent quality of movements, while dynamic, including stretching of muscles and a little cardio, prepares the body for serious exercises. It turns out that dynamic stretching is better than usual. Pay special attention to the muscles of the bark: they are responsible for good posture. Combine different exercises (I advise you to pay attention to the warm-up of any athletes before the game) and get more from training.

6. Enjoy – at least try.

It sounds as if everything is simple: the best way to be in shape is to enjoy training.

That’s right. It is a fact: pleasure is a vital thing. You look forward to future activities and not in a hurry to make them for a tick, and you do it carefully. Immediately, pleasure does not come – only with time.

7. Plan your workouts.

It’s unthinkable to decide everything at the last moment and get pleasure from it. I have never met a man who would do that. If you forget to make a plan, you will absolutely fail yourself, especially in terms of sports. Training should be part of your routine.

8. Diary

Fitness diary. Believe it or not, but the training diary really works. Writing workout planning and prescribing time and exercise is worth it. In general, recording is the best way not to forget about anything: about going to the gym, about a friend’s birthday, about an interview. In any incomprehensible situation write down.

Choose any time convenient for you, but here’s a hint: in the morning you have no chance to get out and cancel everything. Do not make excuses for evening gatherings and trips to all sorts of places: in the morning you will feel guilty.

9. Show off to friends

To overcome the temptation to quit all for the sake of more interesting and enjoyable activities, you must motivate yourself. The best way is to make the training public. Tell your friends and colleagues about your fitness goals to achieve them. This will help you to hold out and not get out of the way.

10. Eat fat to lose fat.

Of course, bad habits from the category of food in fast food and cakes at night do not count. It would be foolish to think that everything is so simple. Our advice – products that contain omega-3 fatty acids: fish, seafood and flaxseed oil. From them fat goes off the belly.

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