Insomnia-Sleep Disorder: Causes & Treatments

When you are twenty, you don’t really think about the consequences of your nightlife – you can not sleep for days, pour in tons of energy drinks, and then also have time to go to work. But the farther you go along the path of life, the harder it will be to wean out of such a lifestyle, while a strong and healthy sleep will quite dramatically turn into a terrible dream that will not give your body the necessary rest. Ultimately, your performance will drop to zero. What’s bad about it? The fact that you will not be able to keep the level of growth that you have, we all hope so, is still there.

However, it is silly to say that you just need to sleep well – go to bed early and not watch TV, so that the brain adapts to the dark. These tips give packs, but they help badly. And all because a bad dream is only a consequence. The consequence of a bad day. How to make the day good and right in terms of sleep? About this now and tell.

7:00 – 12:00

This is the morning time, which is perhaps the most important time for your body. The body adjusts to heavy overloads, adapts to sunlight, goes from a state of sleep to a state of reality. It is important that waking up is not chaotic, but consistent. In other words, you have to wake up every day at the same time – this is the mode. It is not necessary to wake up at 5 am. If the work allows, then get up at least 10. But do it always. Then your metabolism will work on the clock – there will be no failures, and all biological rhythms will be in perfect order.

The next thing is breakfast. Breakfast, surprisingly, not only awakens the brain, but also calms it. This is primarily due to human evolution. When we were cavemen, that morning was far from the sweetest time of the day – it was a moment of awakening and an active search for food, which led to various kinds of stress for the body. Now times have changed, so when you wake up and immediately eat a good portion of quality food, your brain forgets about the problems that can lead to insomnia – he is happy that his stomach is full and there is no need to rush to the saber-toothed tigers to get a piece of meat.

And another important point for your morning waking up. Many people set the alarm at once at different times to wake up once, sleep, wake up another time, sleep again, and then wake up a third time – and even then just get out of bed. This is a good method to go crazy, because the dream between the alarm calls is not a full sleep, but a time filled with anxieties and fears. It is foolish to think that you will rest for the extra 15 minutes of sleep. Therefore, our advice to you: wake up at the first call. No need to go on half measures.

12:00 – 18:00

If you want to take a nap, never sleep more than 20 minutes. Why? Because it can give a reason for your brain to go into a deep sleep, and when your brain goes into a deep sleep, it becomes much more difficult for you to wake up. When you wake up, you feel broken and absolute displeasure. So you want to relax in the afternoon – sleep 20 minutes. That’s enough with the head.

With food, things are as follows. One group of food inclines us to sleep, the other – supports activity. And, it seems to us, you know what we are talking about. Healthy food is protein food or food with complex carbohydrates. It helps to distribute energy evenly, rather than in waves, as food with a lot of simple carbohydrates or sugars does. In this case, you can not overeat or undernourish. Yes, food affects sleep, and you did not know?

The light that you use during the day plays a big role in sleep cycles. It synchronizes our internal clocks with reality. Of course, the advice here is simple: use artificial lighting only when necessary. Look at the weather outside the window and synchronize the lighting with it. If it is bright outside, then make the light brighter; if it comes in the evening, round off the work. If it is possible to use natural light, then use it, not lamps.

18:00 – 00:00

So, the situation here is similar to the one you saw in the morning: go to bed at the same time. This is an effective strategy for those who want to restore the health of their sleep and forget about insomnia.

We also strongly recommend playing sports before bedtime – this will not negatively affect falling asleep, although many people think so. The fact is that exercises, despite the fact that they cause an increase in heart rate and body temperature, naturally cause sleep.

An important factor in good sleep is the “ritual”. No, we don’t ask to pray to Perun before we go to bed. By ritual we mean some kind of action that you perform every day before you go to sleep. For example, this action could be a board game, reading a book, even sex. Your brain loves rituals, so try to fill your life with them.

Mistakes made by everyone who suffers from insomnia:

Mistake # 1: you constantly look at the time when you can’t fall asleep. Understand, this action is meaningless: if you can not sleep, you can not. There is no need to look at the time, if you, of course, do not want to add a degree of anxiety to your life. Try not to think about time, but just sleep.

Mistake # 2: you spend time checking emails or messages from your smartphone. When you are getting ready for bed, then put the phone in another room and put it on vibration. It really helps you sleep better – tested by your own experience.

Mistake # 3: you drink caffeinated and sugary drinks. And we are not talking only about coffee or Coca-Cola. The problem may be in the juice, and maybe, for example, in tea. Some teas contain more caffeine than coffee itself. Did not know this? Now you’ll know.

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