Mental self-defense: 5 ways to protect against psychological pressure

In our life, there are people from time to time who try to manipulate us, and sometimes quite frankly put psychological pressure on us. And sometimes they do it so much that it becomes uncomfortable. These people can be anyone: the boss at work, your subordinate, business partner; Friends can not be excluded too. Of course, in the case of a psychological collision, each of us is not always consciously, but tries to defend himself. We suggest you learn simple techniques of self-defense against mental pressure. Sure, they will still be useful to you.

1. Ask questions

In principle, this is a natural reaction of your brain to the pressure exerted by your interlocutor. No, you, of course, can sit like an idol, nod your head, agree with his arguments, feeling at the same time rather lousy. Therefore, if this option does not suit you, then defend yourself with questions. Even if it will be a bit ridiculous, they will look at you like an idiot, but you will have a chance to win some time to think about your further actions. It can also help by the fact that your opponent will be knocked out of thought, his attack will lose pressure, and it will be easier for you to control the situation.

2. Do not be afraid of the flow of information

In the case when you are under psychological pressure, quite often a huge amount of information is poured on your head. As a rule, these are the arguments of your interlocutor who is trying to convince you that they are right. But do not be afraid of this endless stream that can crush you. First of all, you have to monitor your emotional state, not giving in to provocations. To control yourself, it’s enough to count in your mind up to 10. It is trite, but it really works. And then you can start watching your opponent intently. Many people do not like being stared at. In most cases (only if your interlocutor is not a professional manipulator) this should cool down the ardor, forcing him to be a little nervous, which, of course, is only good for you.

3. Expose the barrier

Any items at hand are suitable in order to help you withstand the onslaught of the interlocutor. Let’s say you are sitting in a restaurant. There are several options here. For example, you can move the napkin holder by placing it clearly between yourself and the person opposite. Or take a cup to sip coffee. Just do not frantically swallow hot drink, burning his throat. No, everything must be done extremely calmly. What will it give? First, it reduces your emotional susceptibility to psychological attack, as you switch your attention to foreign objects not related to the conversation. Secondly, your interlocutor may begin to understand that his tactics are not working, because the flow of information emanating from him does not reach you completely. If the conversation happens to someone at home, You can isolate yourself from a person looking at a magazine or a room interior. There is a possibility that this will anger him, you will be charged with inattention to him, and the attack, as they say, will drown. But you just need it.

4. Use body language and head

Yes, you can isolate yourself from the aggression coming to you with just a few types of poses of your body, which already helps you out, and here too will be an indispensable assistant. The simplest thing is to cross your arms over your chest. For a knowledgeable person, it will immediately be clear that you are not in touch with the contact and it will be difficult enough to convince you of something. You can also put your legs on, to cover your eyes. All this – closed poses that carry this name for a reason. They help to reduce your sensitivity and susceptibility to the words of the interlocutor, closing the energy points, which will always be open when you talk with a person who is pleasant to you. With your head you can try to create a mental barrier between yourself and the attacker. Just imagine a brick wall, because of which you can not hear what they say to you. Do not doubt the power of thought. Yes, and you probably happened to meet with people, during communication with whom it seemed as if a man had a high fence around a fence. So it works – take note.

5. Connect your imagination

Do not believe it, but it also helps you. The main thing – to work with the imagination to the maximum, pull out of it all that is possible. The only thing that is required of you is to carefully look at the interlocutor and present unrealistic or absurd situations in which he will say the same thing that he is saying at the moment. You can “wear” on him some imaginary costume. For example, he screams at you and spits his saliva. “Stick” him a modest mustache and oblique bangs. And it becomes not so hard to listen to him, and even funny. This method of protection is aimed at some kind of withdrawal into yourself from the outside world, that is, where your interlocutor is unlikely to be able to reach you, so that, having opened your head, you can powder your brains.

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