No Gym Required: How to Get Fit at Home

A healthy lifestyle gives a lot of bonuses like well-being and strength to perform the tasks set, and just brings satisfaction from life. For example, smokers are familiar with the situation when you quit smoking and after a while you begin to feel tastes and smells brighter, shortness of breath disappears, more strength appears. But even those who lead a healthy lifestyle, forget about the basic procedures that can enhance the immune system, make it strong and energetic. We will talk about a few simple but very effective ways to help you maintain good health.

1. Charging

Banal advice that we hear from childhood from their parents. And you will not believe, but they are right, and charging will really give vitality, increase immunity and mood. Elementary exercises consist of several exercises for the muscles of the back, legs, arms, abdomen and neck, as well as for working out the joints. Most often, the exercise consists of stretching, bending, push-ups, squats, exercises for the press.

The advantage of charging, compared with other types of sports events, is the lack of training. You don’t need clothes, sports equipment, or equipment.

Often, charging is replaced by a run. But even with this, stretching and bending exercises remain to warm up the body and prepare to run. By the way, during charging it is necessary to provide fresh air in order to increase the effectiveness of the exercises.

In addition, you can do some strength exercises in the morning, for example, with dumbbells. Of course, you do not need to do a lot of exercises with several approaches, so you get tired and not catch cheerfulness.

Charging is carried out as follows:

1. Warm up. Simple exercises designed to warm up the muscles and ligaments.
2. The main program. Each exercise is performed in one or several approaches. Most often, each exercise is performed on one approach.
3. Smooth completion. You do not need to interrupt the exercises in difficult exercises. Finish with bends and breathing exercises, gradually bringing the pulse to a calm state.

Remember, charging is designed to cheer you up, and not to bring to the state as if you just came from the gym. Do not overdo it, do one at a time, a maximum of two approaches (a press can be performed on 2-3 approaches). With regular charging you will feel how your mood and mood will improve, vigor will appear, and stress will disappear.

2. Hardening

Hardening is one of the most accessible procedures for healing, and all you need is a shower. Of course, it is difficult to join hardening, and you should not start right away with dousing with icy water in the cold — this can lead to a very sad result for you.

The easiest way is a douche. The bottom line is that you alternately pour hot, then cold water. In this case, the body experiences stress and adapts to the environment. Immunity increases, the state of health improves. It is recommended to start with warm water, then make it hot, and finish with cold water. Remember, you need to start with a minimum pouring time. For example, stand a minute under warm water, and after no more than ten seconds under cold. And yes, cold is not 5-10 degrees (from this you will rather catch pneumonia than increase immunity), and not lower than 20. Gradually, you can reduce the intervals between dousing with hot and cold water, as well as lower the temperature of cold water. By the way, we do not recommend pouring cold water on your head,

After a long practice of contrasting soul, you can go to dousing with cold water in the open air. This increases the functional reserves of the body and makes it more resistant to adverse effects. Here, as in the case with a contrast shower, you need to gradually go from simple to complex. Start with douche with cold water in the shower, then outside in the summer. Pouring cold water will improve the physico-chemical state of the cells, organs and all body systems. You will be awake, you will be less likely to get sick.

Well, the most difficult way is winter swimming. The procedure is unsafe even for experienced, not so much for a beginner, so think three times before you climb into the hole. And if you are a teenager or have upper respiratory diseases, then you are completely forbidden to blurt. Remember, it is necessary to prepare for winter swimming for a long time, tempering the body with douches.

After a contrast shower, douche or winter swimming, you need to wipe yourself with a towel until you get a pleasant feeling of warmth. This is a mandatory procedure, without which hardening can have the opposite effect.

It is important to remember that hardening can harm you. Therefore, before starting the procedures, we recommend consulting a doctor.

3. Bath therapy

Bath is an excellent remedy for many diseases. Yes, of course, adherents of homeopathy are not taken into account: they treat all known and unknown diseases in science in the bath. Overall, this is a great way to boost immunity and improve well-being.

By the way, contrary to the myth that the main effect in the bath has a temperature, and the higher it is, the better, the essence is the sudden change in temperature – thus, the bath can be compared with a contrast shower. But the similarities end there. In addition to the positive effects on the respiratory tract, bath therapy has a good effect on the joints, reducing the likelihood of arthritis and radiculitis, and on the urogenital system.

Bath procedures have a positive effect on the skin. The complex of procedures (hot steam, massage with a broom and washcloth) renews the skin, makes it softer, evens out color. In addition, such procedures clean the pores and eliminate the common problem – acne. Of course, do not wait for miraculous healing, but their number will decrease. In general, going to the bath and visiting the steam room has a positive effect on the body.

Some lovers say that for bath procedures, the ideal ratio of temperature and humidity should be 100. That is, if the temperature is 65 degrees, then the humidity is 35.

In the conditions of a modern city, it is quite difficult to find a normal bath, even a private one. Yes, and just go to someone in the bath – it is unpleasant, because it is a very intimate procedure. Public baths are not at all an option, as there is hardly any careful monitoring of hygiene.

But for lovers of the bath there is a solution – phyto barrels from “Our Cedar”. The barrels are made of cedar, which, when heated, releases healthy substances, and have modest dimensions. This can be installed even in a small bathroom. Externally, the phyto barrels are simple barrels, which are used to store brandy.

Steam is injected into the barrel by a steam generator. And steam enters the barrel, saturated with healing herbs. Such exposure to steam in a small closed container opens the pores and provides active perspiration. By the way, in contrast to the classic steam room, steam in the phyto barrel actively condenses on the skin and washes away the perspiration along with harmful substances, preventing it from being absorbed into the skin or drying out on it. This has a positive effect on the quality of the procedures.

How to use phyto barrels? The bottom line is this: you warm up the barrel to a certain temperature, you open the doors, you go in, sit on the seat, close the doors and enjoy the procedure. At the same time, the head is outside, there is no thermal influence on it, which maintains clarity of thoughts and does not impair coordination of movements.

Regular use of phyto barrels will improve your well-being, relieve nervous and muscular tension, positively affect the circulatory system, and cleanse the skin.

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