Running Mistakes that Beginners Should Avoid

You probably often heard that before training, especially before running a training, you need to warm up, warm up, and in the process – listen to your body. But these are all common words. When you start jogging, you start to make habitual mistakes, which sooner or later lead to injuries. Of course, wounds can heal quickly, a twisted leg is not an apocalypse, but sometimes you can not only stretch a muscle, but also pinch a nerve that will “delight” you until death – we know such cases. Therefore, for us it is important that you run, jump, swim, do anything sports. For this you need to pay attention to the typical mistakes of the novice runner.

Too deep stretching during warming up

You know, when it comes to warming up, you don’t have to go too far. This is especially true of stretching, which many do as if they want to impress the Olympic judges. Your muscles have not had time to get used to the idea of ​​what lies ahead for them, and you are already raping them with heavy loads – do not be so. Deep stretching during a workout will do more harm than good. At best, you’ll just feel sluggish, and your muscles will not be able to cope with the tasks, at worst – you will get injured, and you can forget about running for the next few months, or even years. If you want to warm up, then do it smoothly – do not need much effort. We recommend starting with a simple five-minute walk.

Sharp jump in the training process

When you got up from the couch, which was lying on all the previous days, and immediately began to run, train, prepare for a marathon, then you made a mistake – your body only in the first week of training will be fresh and active, and by the end of the second week will begin to collapse. If you want to connect your life with a run, then you do not need to start so briskly. Yes, your body will be able to run many kilometers, even if you didn’t run to it, but you don’t need to test your strength at the very start – this can lead to knee injuries, a split leg, burnout. You do not know how your cardiovascular system will react. Therefore, it is important to allocate for yourself two months of regular, but light cardio, which will help bring the body to a tone.For example, instead of 60 minutes of running, it is better to start with 30 minutes of running. Uniform, not hopping. When the muscles become stronger, when the body gets used to the loads, then you will be able to experiment with different styles of running, but in the early stages it is better to be careful. The body is not able to dramatically adapt to external changes – it prefers a gradual increase in pace.

Acceleration through force

Of course, if you have a “second wind”, then you run to the finish much faster. However, acceleration is not always your friend. When you too often overpower your pain in order to achieve the desired result on the treadmill, then you easily earn a sprain. Grueling workouts have a terrible effect on the cardiovascular system, knees and joints.

This does not mean that you have to give up hard training. They are needed to build on progress. However, you do not have to set new records every day – it will lead to your being disabled. It is necessary to combine difficult trainings with lungs. For example, today you will try to run more than yesterday, and tomorrow you will arrange for yourself an easy run, just to keep your body in good shape. Let your body adapts to heavy loads, restore damaged muscles, calm down.

Too much attention to tempo.

Pace is an important component of running, but if you are guided only by it, then you will quickly get out of the race. Why? Because it is difficult for a person to adhere to the same pace without harm to health – for this you need to be a good runner, and among the newcomers there are no such runners. When you focus on tempo rather than distance, it becomes harder for you to breathe – the body begins to use more glycogen in relation to oxygen, and this is not good.

Therefore, it is important, especially in the early stages, to focus on the distance, and not on the pace. If you can control the pace, then this is good, but this is just a given of training, and not its goal. If you want more specifics, we recommend running in such a way that you can easily alternate three zones: yellow, orange and red. In the yellow zone you can easily talk to the other person when you run. In orange you can say a word, another, but not more. In red you can’t even think about talking, you can only think about running. It is important that these zones alternate with each other.

Unnatural position

Most people do not know how to run correctly – they assume an unnatural position, and then complain of pain in the back, neck, hips, lower back. Usually it looks like a run with a slope forwards – it is supposedly easier to run, but in fact it is wrong. How to run? Look forward, keeping your upper body relaxed and upright. Do not lean forward and keep a short stride length. Touch the ground with the middle of the foot, not with your heel or toe. When you follow these simple rules, your body will automatically be in the correct and healthy position while running.

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