The best and worst Food for your body

We write a lot about how certain products affect your body, analyze the composition and even take excerpts from scientific research. But today we have compiled a rating of unhealthy and healthy food, so that you can evaluate the benefits of a particular product at any time.

The guideline will be this food rating:
A = eat it as often as you like – buy at least all the reserves on our planet
B = eat every day, but moderately mean, leave a little bit to Europe
C = eat it once a week
D = limit consumption of this product
F = do not eat at all (better give it to your ex)

1. Breakfast

Juices contain sugar in large quantities, which is later stored as fat and not processed into energy.
Rating: D

If you really like a delicious bagel, but morning jogging is not for you, it is better to eat half a bagel at breakfast, but not more.
Rating: B

It is saturated with trans fatty acids, which increase cholesterol levels and adversely affect the cardiovascular system.
Rating: D

Even babies are not allergic to bananas, besides they are extremely useful: bananas help restore the level of potassium, which the body lacks after an alcoholic Friday.
Rating: A

Eat oranges and grapefruits, and your knees, elbows and joints will always be normal. Vitamin C reduces the risk of certain diseases that affect the joints.
Rating: A

Studies say that a healthy person needs 6 grams of essential amino acids before or after exercise to maximize muscle growth. Approximately the same amount of amino acids is contained in one egg.
Rating: B

Wheat grass
Put a spoonful of wheat germ in yogurt, smoothies or cereal and get a healthy and nutritious breakfast. Sprouts contain vitamin E, which helps the regeneration of muscle fibers and allows the body to recover faster.
Rating: B

Insanely tasty, but very harmful. For many, bacon and eggs are a traditional breakfast, but you should not eat this way day after day, because bacon also contains fats that are not converted into energy.
Rating: C

When you wake up in the morning, be sure to brew a cup of fresh coffee. Recent studies show that regular coffee reduces the risk of diabetes and increases stamina in athletes.
Rating: B

Studies show that people who often eat bran and cereals are more active and energetic than those guys who don’t. Oatmeal is also useful and gives a lot of energy, including helping to recover from workouts.
Rating for both: A

Children’s cereals
Many cereals are 45% sugar, which is why children love them so much. Excessive consumption can lead to the development of diabetes or obesity, so limit yourself and not eat them so often.
Rating: C

2. Lunch

When a huge amount of fat and calories enters your body, it takes a long time to digest this nuclear mixture. Fats are deposited in the sides, turning you into a clumsy old man; they also negatively affect the cardiovascular system.
Rating: F

Cottage cheese
Yes, it is calcium and protein, but cheeses are not as healthy as you think. A plate of cottage cheese contains 918 mg of sodium – more than 35% of the daily norm, so it is better for hypertensive patients to limit their intake.
Rating: B

A total of 35 calories and 40% of the daily intake of vitamin C in one piece. Tomato is one of the best vegetables, so you can safely eat it every day.
Rating: A

Recently, Italian (unsurprisingly) scientists found that people who eat small pizza once a week are 22% less likely to suffer from problems with the coronary arteries.
Rating: C

Chile is a good source of protein, slow carbohydrates and fiber. Pepper helps control appetite and burns fat.
Rating: B

Breast – it’s just a godsend for those who are actively involved in sports. Breast contains a huge amount of protein, so if you want to gain muscle mass, then zagizat this product.
Rating: A

French fries
Fried in oil, fatty and not containing useful substances.
Rating: F

Spinach is useful for tendons, helps to restore muscle tissue and increase strength training.
Rating: A

Apples help to partially neutralize the harm from smoking, and also reduce the risk of cancer by 30%.
Rating: A

Onions helps fight cataracts, cancer and heart disease. But be careful: the smell from the mouth will fight with your personal life.
Rating: B

Appetizer Mexican cuisine, which is often consumed with sauces. The result is a combination of junk and fatty foods.
Rating: C

In sushi, one of the ingredients is fish, which contains healthy fats. Fish, such as salmon, contain the components necessary for brain cells and sperm.
Rating: B

Studies show that a protein intake of up to 1.4 grams per kilogram of weight helps to induce active muscle growth. One can of tuna contains about 20 grams of protein.
Rating: A

Dark chocolate
Dark chocolate contains antioxidants that help delay aging and prevent the accumulation of cholesterol in the arteries. The main thing is not to abuse and eat chocolate in moderate portions.
Rating: B

Turkey helps to maintain normal testosterone levels. Its easily digestible meat is a good source of healthy fats.
Rating: A

3. Snacks

Once healthy corn has now become  absolutely harmful: it is saturated with oils and fats. Popcorn has become a real bomb for the stomach and the entire digestive system.
Rating: F

Chocolate Milk
Chocolate milk is a combination of protein and carbohydrates – two nutrients that are needed after a good workout, and it is also very tasty.
Rating: B

500 calories and a ton of fat in one muffin. Delicious, but not useful.
Rating: D

They can ruin any pizza, but are an indispensable source of antioxidants.
Rating: B

Fresh berries fight the accumulation of LDL cholesterol in your tubes and are an excellent source of vitamins.
Rating: A

Brazil nuts It’s
not easy to get them, but if you succeed, you will reduce the risk of prostate cancer by 50%.
Rating: B

Big soft pretzel, which gives 500 calories – should not be abused.
Rating: D

4. Dinner

Steak is a real fount of protein that is great for athletes. Also, research suggests that beef is very useful for the brain, is a source of iron and zinc, helps to restore and maintain memory.
Rating: B

Corn is
nutritious, but not particularly useful.
Rating: C

Make it a habit to eat grilled or baked fish at least once a week. Recent studies have shown that regular consumption of fish reduces the risk of heart problems by 28%.
Rating: A

Chili Peppers
Compound called capsaicin, which is found in chili peppers, can also appease your appetite and burn off extra calories. Before you eat it, make sure there is a glass of milk nearby.
Rating: B

Muscles need not only build up, but also maintain, and insulin (anabolic hormone) is able to maintain muscle building. Wholemeal and protein pasta perfectly replenish energy and give strength. Add some more healthy ingredients and get a great meal.
Rating: B

Each stalk of crispy green broccoli contains hundreds of compounds called indoles and isothiocyanates, which help the body protect against various diseases and infections.
Rating: A

Alcohol helps to digest food better, but in large quantities it turns into poison, which affects the entire body. The ideal option would be a glass of red wine at dinner, but no more.
Rating: C

Grapes not only contain resveratrol, which helps produce anti-cancer cells, but also pterostilbene, which helps fight diabetes.
Rating: B

Fish sticks
Marketers assure us that they are extremely useful. But in reality this is a soft white breaded meat, fried in butter.
Rating: F

Wild Rice
Technically, this is not rice at all. But what? Wild rice tastes like nuts. It contains fibers that stimulate appetite, and causes the body to burn more calories. Not bad for what is actually the seeds of long-grain marsh grass.
Rating: B

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