The Secrets to Living a Longer and Better Life

“Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, exercise more often, sleep a lot, avoid drinking, drugs, sex, rock and roll, and then you will live for many, many years.”

Here they are – the main teeth of long life. From all over, they keep telling us: “Eat expensive healthy food and spend money on subscriptions to live to 100 years.” But the secret is not only in a healthy lifestyle, there is something else. Although, of course, a healthy lifestyle dramatically increases your chances. In addition, drugs have not helped anyone.

People with strong relationships live longer

For 75 years, researchers from Harvard, having nothing to do, studied the same people throughout their lives in order to find out what determines a long happy life. As many as 600 people of different wealth and level of development have become experimental rats in scientists’ paws. Perhaps, more detailed and thorough research on this topic has not yet been conducted.

It turned out that those who had been in a relationship with one person for many years lived most of the time. Those who changed their wives like gloves or lived according to the principle “Marriage is like Vietnam. It was quite enough for two years to not return there again ”, it was possible to meet with the forefathers much earlier.

Now, researchers argue that a strong and happy marriage can prolong the existence of even a fierce smoker and drug addict. Still, family comfort, care and hot for dinner from the hands of the beloved are of greater importance for life, even in biological terms. This is a kind of cryochamber, for the success of which you need to spend a lot of effort. And we still complain, we read that we will not call a good thing marriage.

Strong relationships make us physically stronger.

The fact that strong relationships increase your emotional well-being is not new to many. But researchers and doctors also found that relationships have a positive effect on physical health. And the point is not that you get into sex, sweat, remove toxins, improve breathing. Apparently, the body leads to normal constant thoughts about how to dodge, apologize, please, satisfy and ask for forgiveness.

Friends will help you let off steam

It sounds ambiguous, perhaps a little gay, but not without it. And in fact, in those days when it seems that everything is covered with a copper ass, the only bulwark are friends. In the end, who else will listen to you? As it is known, a person needs to speak out, throw out the negative accumulated inside, get rid of stress, which is detrimental to your internal chemistry.

High levels of stress hormones can create a state of chronic inflammation, namely, it is the precursor of all types of diseases. In this state, your blood, which is constantly fighting infections, stops working. Psychological ill health greatly reduces the years of life, but it’s enough just one friend to support and listen to return to normal. So treasure your friends, they will save your life and clean your lymph. It doesn’t matter who they are: normal guys or some chocolate miners, first of all they are your friends.

Relationships are important at any age.

It is believed that youth is needed in order to burn it shamelessly, to spend on recklessness, vices, experiments, and then, in adulthood, take up the mind, start a serious relationship, go on a diet, go to the gym.

But alas, what you have been doing throughout your life matters. Literally from infancy to old age. The quality of upbringing that you received as a child and the care that you received in your most violent years plays a big role (if you received it, of course, in principle). And when there are no parents, those who are lucky (and maybe not very) are called your second half.

The only pity is that not everything depends on us. Sometimes death, circumstances or divorce interfere. But from this, alas, no one is insured.

Women are generally more social than men, and this is their plus

In traditional long-term heterosexual relationships, women are responsible for relationships with the outside world. They have closer contact with society, and therefore women live longer. Gender stereotype, but after all, it did not originate from scratch.

Dr. Waldinger’s research only confirms that women maintain friendly relationships better and take more active part in social life than men, noting that many men wake up and understand that they have no friends and no love for the world around them.

We have a lot of contacts that end at the stage of the drinking companion, plus with all of it, there are more and more people with whom it seems to be beneficial to be friends. But rarely does it all end with close friendship, regular communication and sincerity. But women are socialized much more and they communicate more often. So you have a secret why they live longer than us.

Men are more attuned to individual relationships, it is important for us to see a person in the interlocutor, to understand what is on his mind, while women have enough superficial socialization.

Career Turns Wrong

More than 80% of the “Millennials” said that the main purpose of their life is wealth, 50% said they dream of becoming famous. Beautiful ambitions, except it’s not proven that they will make you healthy and happy. So everything is not as good as it may seem.

Many are literally being killed at work, spending long hours trying to move up the career ladder, to succeed. And many even succeed in this, only now they do not realize that in this way they ruin their lives. As a rule, people obsessed with careers do not care about health, personal life, and friends. Only about yourself, your status and money. And as a result, they drive themselves to a stroke at the age of 40, after which they slowly fade away all alone.

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