What happens to your body an hour after drinking coffee?

For many it is essential to have a cup of coffee to be able to face the day. Others need it to put an end to a meal. In fact, coffee is, after water, the second most consumed beverage in the world. 

Of course, for everyone it has almost immediate effects on the organism . After 10 minutes of drinking a cup of coffee, we have half of its maximum concentration in the blood, which reaches between 45 and 60 minutes. The duration of its effects can be prolonged until 3-4 hours after its ingestion . Do you want to know what this drink does in our body? 

Coffee stimulates the central nervous system

It is one of the most obvious effects and the reason why almost everyone consumes it when the day begins. Coffee causes almost immediate activation , reducing the feeling of fatigue and fatigue . It stimulates and improves our concentration. After an hour of ingestion, the effect gradually decreases as our body metabolizes caffeine.

In moderation:  even if it seems beneficial, you have to be careful. An excess of caffeine can cause a state of nervousness, anxiety and irritability. Experts recommend not to exceed 200 mg per day (3 cups of 150 ml) at most so that it is not harmful to our body.

Increased blood pressure

Coffee not only accelerates our brain, but also our heart by increasing the stimulation of adrenaline and cortisol emission . There is an increase in heart rate and there are people who after drinking it can suffer from heart attacks . 

Improvement of muscular work

Because of this effect, many athletes consume coffee before doing any sports activity . To the reduction of the fatigue the stimulation of the muscles and the improvement of the corporal coordination is added . In addition, it increases the metabolic rate , so it also helps you consume more calories. Much better alternative than the famous energy drinks that in addition to caffeine are loaded with sugar and rather undesirable ingredients. But be careful, because an excessive amount of coffee would cause tremors and agitation. 

It is diuretic

When we consume coffee or drink caffeinated beverages, we immediately need to go to the bathroom. This occurs because it increases the production of urine because it generates more water in the kidneys.

Increase of gastric acids

Many people need a coffee to finish a good meal. This is because it promotes digestion thanks to the stimulation of production of gastric secretions. It must be borne in mind that due to this effect, its use is discouraged for people suffering from any type of gastrointestinal problem.

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