Why Can’t I Stop Eating? Psychological Reasons for Overeating

Maybe recently you unexpectedly scored a couple of kilos. What is the reason, you have no idea, but you are not exactly on a diet. It is possible, of course, that you have a problem with food habits, and maybe you are just overeating.

Many men overeat and do not even understand it. When overeating occurs, they don’t even realize what is happening, they just eat. Do you think you have great willpower and watch yourself so diligently that you are not able to eat? No, man, it’s not like that! Overeating is such a thing that can touch everyone. Why does it occur? Remember, man, that overeating is a symptom, but the reasons for the occurrence of overeating is weight.

Serious causes of overeating

First you need to make sure that the causes of overeating are not the result of health problems. It may be an eating disorder such as bulimia, which is accompanied by feelings of guilt, depression and a desire to eat more and more. This is overeating, when you do not want to eat, but still eat and eat. Purposeful weight gain in this case is not considered, do not confuse! If you are not ill, if your overeating is not the result of serious health and mental problems, there are several reasons for it that we will tell you about today.

1. Bored

Some people start to overeat because they have no idea what to do. You came home after work and you have no idea what to do. This suffers dudes who do not have girls. They drown out their boredom by watching TV, playing games and surfing the Internet, while simultaneously absorbing junk food and drinking plenty of beer. You watch on the Discovery Channel a program about the life of bats and eat all sorts of rubbish, because your friends are busy and you do not know what to do. Swing laziness and never want anything. There was such a period in my life. I came home, sat down in front of the computer, laid out the little hawk and watched everything: cartoons, films, series. I abundantly absorbed all sorts of rubbish, drank it with soda and beer, although I did not particularly like it. This is such a form of entertainment. When I began to go on dates,

2. Stress and anxiety

It doesn’t matter why you’re starting to overeat. Family, work, relationships – there can be a great many reasons. The main thing is that it upsets you and you eat. It seems to you that with such a problem there are only women, but, man, this problem does not have sex! You will jam your alarm with beer and potatoes just like your girlfriend seizes her with ice cream. Food gives people a sense of control and power, and the sensory experience of taste and the comfort of a full stomach distract us from problems that we don’t want to think about.

3. Getting rid of addiction

When you fight against smoking and other bad habits, obesity, diabetes and other problems caused by overeating, do not seem to be so big because they are only waiting for us in the future. In an attempt to give up addictions, many people feel the need to hold their hands with something, and food seems to them to be a harmless way to keep away from everything that causes addiction. At first, overeating is the lesser of two evils, however, there are more healthy ways to occupy yourself while you are struggling with addictions. For example, rocking chair! Or role-playing games.

4. Culture and social norms

In some cultures, taken a lot to eat. For example, long sequences of different dishes, like in some Greece. There is a second, third and fourth portion – a sign of respect to the cook. But these are national cultures. There are also some modern cultural traditions. For example, watching football for beer, goodies and chips, or attending a movie with nachos, popcorn and a huge coke. These are socio-cultural norms. You go to the movies – you take with you a huge bucket of popcorn. But if you don’t want to get fat or eat, why should you take it? You will surely convince yourself that today you can, that it’s so accepted that you haven’t eaten popcorn for a hundred years, but in reality it’s still the same cultural norm that you can follow or not follow. If in Greece your refusal can really offend the cook, then no one will be offended.

Social norms in some families include the absorption of the first, second, appetizers, desserts and mandarins. We had an article about how to properly behave during the holidays, but no one wants to offend mom?

In most cultures, men are not put on pressure for being a bit stout, unlike women, who are so concerned about their weight precisely because of the same social unacceptability of female fullness.

5. To please the woman

For many men, eating a meal prepared by a woman is an attempt to please and show that you adore her cooking. We are often strongly recommended to take the second portion, and many do it only in order not to offend the mother or girlfriend.

In relationships, many men want to please the women who cook for them, eating their lunches and dinners prepared by them, because otherwise women will feel that their efforts have remained undervalued. And that is why so many newlyweds grow fat in the first years of marriage. Believe me, dude, a girl is usually enough just to hear that she is a good housewife and cooks well, it is not necessary to devour a fourth portion of patties with mashed potatoes.

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