Why do you have to take care of your status

Since status is usually associated with money and material potential, this concept in society is treated with some disdain. Care for status seems to be a manifestation of vanity, stupidity, consumerism or conformism.

Nevertheless, even though the truth is in this, in general, this idea is wrong, because the concept of “status” is much deeper than we used to think. In this regard, we give you a few arguments that explain why everyone should take care of their status.

Status is of great importance for mental and physical health.

According to psychologists, the status has a beneficial effect on a person’s well-being, increasing the level of neurotransmitters and hormones in his body, such as testosterone, serotonin or dopamine. These substances allow a person to feel happy and inspired, which is often seen for people with high status.

On the other hand, low status increases the level of stress hormones and suppresses mood, the immune system, and even fertility.

Thus, dissatisfaction with their status for a long time can lead to illness and depression. If your serotonin level remains low for a long period, it can provoke a feeling of anger and a negative attitude towards others.

Status has been important for many centuries.

The idea that a man should not take care of his status gained great popularity in the second half of the 20th century in the era of prosperity of the countercultural movements. Indifferent to the social foundations of hippies under the banner of iconoclasm, any social norms, including the concept of “status,” were questioned. But their ideology was nothing more than an attempt to justify their narcissism, laziness and weakness. Nevertheless, such marginal movements of the past have made a significant contribution to the popularization of destructive perception of status.

But thousands of years before, men were very concerned about their status, sometimes identifying it with such concepts as courage or man’s honor.

Neglect of public opinion is a sure sign of narcissism and mediocrity, because in that case you rate yourself only on the basis of your opinion. But, as a rule, people are very flattering and indulgent in their own assessment. Therefore, the reluctance to adapt to the social measures of the public rather speaks of the unwillingness to admit its shortcomings. But following a worthy example, you remain honest with yourself and motivate yourself to become better.

Status stimulates progress

The status is derived from the word “competition”. And competition makes us better than others. In theory, it seems that for success it is enough to compete only with oneself (or the past “me”). But research has shown that people are unable to work as intensively as in cases when they are competing against someone else. Accordingly, the status, by stimulating competition, helps to acquire additional motivation, which in fact proves to be much more effective than the rest.

Status is of social and cultural importance.

It is true that status imposes on society many of the false attributes of success: an expensive car, fashion accessories, a flashy appearance, and so on. But many of the things that make up high status offer real benefits to society. A sense of humor, creative thinking, wisdom and honesty – this is what adds status to a man in many circles. This also includes significant professional achievements, the creation of innovative products, works of art, etc. When many people declare that they care about their status, they primarily mean the desire to make their lives and the lives of society better.

Status attracts people

High status is the most common measure of success, which unites some of the goals and values ​​of most people around. And just as you dream of achieving high status, others want it. Remember that status is not only appearance and wealth, which means that your merits will be much deeper than superficial attractiveness. Both men and women are attracted by people who possess various positive qualities, including intellect, wit, or professionalism. Everyone wants to have in his environment people with high status. Thus, cultivating status makes it much easier for a person to make friends, find romantic partners and strengthen strong social ties.

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