Why do you need to be sad

If you happen to wander alone in the evenings through the dark streets with sad music with headphones, this article is for you. We all ever sad, fall into depression, feel loneliness and longing. But, as it turned out, for our mental health it is more useful than harmful. Therefore, now it is not necessary to always stretch a smile upon yourself when you are sad. You should not portray joy if it is hard for you: it will be even more harmful for your mental health than ordinary sadness. After all, it should be the key to happiness. Why sadness is important and necessary, we will explain to you now.

Joy and sorrow are the two poles of your balance

So, is it possible to stop the total depression that is sweeping across the world with the help of sadness? Yes you can. But only, as usual, will have to tense up. To begin with, people need to understand that blocking their negative emotions leads to depression in the first place. They need to realize that their melancholy or depressed state is an integral part of the joy that has been experienced. That is, we should try to reason from the standpoint of yin-yang: everything must be in balance. That is why in China, Japan and indeed in eastern countries, people are less prone to depression than in the West. In their philosophy, sadness is a natural part of life, which should not prevent the generation of positive emotions. In the West, the melancholy and sadness are some kind of barriers for joy, although if you think about it, you can remove them once or twice. But the mentality of Western society dictates its own laws, implanting joy as almost the only meaning of life. In this regard, for each person, whether he wants to or not, there is pressure to be cheerful and positive. Otherwise, you will be considered not quite full. Because of these wrong stereotypes, Western society is more prone to depression than Eastern.

Happiness depresses you

To prove this, a special experiment was carried out. Scientists divided their wards into three groups and gave them a task that was impossible to perform. But the essence lies not in the implementation itself, but in the rooms where their experimental subjects were. Two of the three groups were placed in neutral rooms, and the third was located in a room that was hung with motivational posters, sheets of happiness, as if deliberately forcing these people to meet the expectations of who put them here. Measuring the level of anxiety of each group after the experiment, the scientists found out that he grew up in the first two, but quite a bit, unlike the third, whose anxiety rose to heaven. This once again allowed scientists to prove that in a society where happiness is highly valued, the pressure of happiness itself, to which everyone aspires, is higher.

Sadness – the guarantee of your responsibility

Clinical psychologists also joined the study of happiness, sadness and depression, giving their opinion. To begin, let us return to the statement that sadness can be the key to happiness. Why is that? Because sadness, above all, is one of the most basic human emotions. When you, frustrated, go home and scroll through the same moment in your head, it means that you are not indifferent to this. This is what distinguishes a mentally healthy person – the ability to be upset. But when you stop throwing out the negative, putting on everything, it will not be quite normal. Also, psychologists believe that the main vector in the direction of happiness will be one thought that a person must accept: he cannot be happy. At least every day, all week, all my life. And the feeling of sadness does not mean that everything in your life is bad.


And the main conclusion is that it is better for you to try not to avoid the problem of sadness. No, you should not show that you are worse than it actually is. Play in public is not worth it. Many try to circumvent the sadness as the only obstacle to their happiness, but come to a standstill. But you just need to go through the door, and not to go around it, looking for another way. Sadness as a rest room, where you can recharge, having exhausted the limit of happiness, to move again to it.

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